Pessoa, the man of dreams
by Manuel Moya

One of the most consolidated topics surrounding Fernando Pessoa has to do with his life or, better, with his absence of life. However, his appearance as a shy, lonely man, incapable of leaving that cage-universe of Lisbon did not prevent him from becoming one of the reference poets of recent decades.

Much more comfortable in unreality than in reality, he always created worlds and characters with whom he not only related, but with them he built his own parallel universe that continues to cause us intellectual amazement.

Manuel Moya, translator of Pessoa and scholar of the character, presents us in this biography a vision that moves away from many of the clichés that have surrounded the figure of the Portuguese poet. With this essay, Moya attempts to give a thorough interpretation of the disturbing vital and intellectual adventures of this unique writer who tried to tiptoe, not always successfully, through a life much richer and more extraordinary than is usually believed.

Manuel Moya (Fuenteheridos, 1960) is a poet, novelist and translator who has won important awards and recognition for his work. As a translator, he has versioned a large part of the people’s work, such as the complete poetry of Caeiro, Reis and Campos, or the books Message, Book of Desasosiego, The Education of the Stoic or Stories, the largest compilation of his stories published to date.


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