Of love and war
by Pilar Eyre

(September 20, 2023)

A war separated their lives. Another joined them again. Now they must travel the difficult path of reconciliation.


In February 1939, the Spanish Civil War is taking its last bite. When an Italian bombing takes the lives of young Roman’s parents, it also cripples his ability to love. Despite not being in love, he marries Beatriz, a young woman from a well-off family with whom he will have a son. But everything is turned upside down when he has to flee to France. There he meets Teresa, a young communist with whom he begins a relationship full of secrets.
In Barcelona, ​​Beatriz’s family tries to protect her from Román’s “red” past, about whom they have no news, and they fake his death. She has created a law firm and started a new life. But when Román, after a few years of tortuous exile, achieves freedom and his passport, he feels that his heart has been full of ashes for a long time and he undertakes a trip to Spain in search of himself and his true life, without knowing what he will find. upon arriving in Barcelona.

A harsh but touching portrait of the civil war narrated with emotion and love.

Pilar Eyre (Barcelona, ​​1951) studied Philosophy and Literature and Information Sciences. She has worked in journalism as a columnist, interviewer and reporter for various newspapers and magazines (Hoja del Lunes, Mundo Diario, La Vanguardia, Interviú, El Periódico de Catalunya, El Mundo and Lecturas) and has also collaborated with various radio and television stations. She is the author of numerous books, including Two Bourbons in Franco’s Court, Secrets and Lies of the Royal Family, Rich, Famous and Abandoned, VIPs: All the Secrets of the Famous, Women, Twenty Years Later, Cybersex, The Queen of the House and Franco Confidential; the novels Everything Began at the Marbella Club and Alley of Oblivion, and the biography Quico Sabaté, the Last Guerrilla. Her historical stories Ena, Imperial Passion, María la Brava and, above all, The Solitude of the Queen have made her a publishing phenomenon. In 2014, she was a finalist for the Planeta Prize with her novel Mi color favorito es verte, which was very well received by readers, as was its sequel: Nomeolvides. In 2018, she published Carmen, la rebelde, and in 2019 Un Perfecto Caballero. With Yo, el Rey, Pilar Eyre once again climbed onto the best-seller lists. In 2022, she published her latest novel, Cuando éramos ayer, an intense and emotional story about a crucial time for Barcelona.

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