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Tony Gratacós invites you to navigate the edge of history, changing the perspective of the journey without changing its destination.

«It is not a historical novel, but a story made into a novel, in the style of Richelieu fighting against the Three Musketeers, Captain Alatriste fighting with the Tercios or Edmund Dantés fleeing from the Château d’If. Pure invention, but invention well told. » Vicente G. Olaya – The countryBabelia

In 1519 five ships left the port of Seville under the command of Ferdinand Magellan in search of a new route. Three years later, only one of them returned, the ship Victoria, with eighteen survivors, Juan Sebastián Elcano at the helm. From then until today, five centuries have passed since what is one of the great adventures in the history of humanity: the first circumnavigation of the world. But, of what happened there, we only have one version.

Nobody Knows blurs the limits of what we know about that adventure as if reality and fiction were complicit. Tony Gratacós turns the reader into a chronicler and takes him on an exciting journey where he will discover the lights and shadows of a nascent empire built on the blood and sacrifice of men like Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano. Throughout its pages we will be sailors, traitors, friends, spies, lovers, forming part of a story that from now on will also be yours.

Nobody Knows is a gripping historical thriller about the feat that changed the history of humanity that calls into question everything we have been told until now. Tony Gratacós “stumbled” over several questions that were the fuse that set everything on fire:

Why doesn’t Antonio Pigafetta, the only chronicler of the round-the-world expedition, mention Juan Sebastián Elcano, the man who returned it to Seville three years after leaving? Had she forgotten about him? Why did Elcano request permission in 1524 to be accompanied by two armed men to enter the city of Valladolid? What could he be afraid of? Why does the Crown ignore him to the point of not granting him the position of captain general in the expedition that would repeat his trajectory months later? What if history lies?

Looking for answers, Tony Gratacós will take us on an epic adventure with Magallanes and Elcano. We will travel aboard the ships that sailed the Atlantic in search of a passage until then imagined and we will walk through the streets and palaces of Seville and Valladolid of that time. We will experience mutinies, executions, betrayals, deceptions, the desertion of the San Antonio ship…

A heroic feat narrated with true passion that Gratacós dissects from the investigations of Diego de Soto, one of the great successes of the novel. He is the protagonist of this story, a young twenty-one-year-old apprentice chronicler who feels an unhealthy passion for the truth, to the point of sacrificing his life and facing the death rattles of a kingdom about to give birth to the very powerful Spanish empire on his back. of their conquerors. Everything happens two years after Elcano’s arrival aboard the ship Victoria in Seville, culminating the first trip around the world. Real characters mix with the fiction of Diego de Soto and his surroundings, from which Auristela emerges as the great female revelation of the novel. All of them will weave a plot that develops at the pace of a thriller, captivating the reader from the first pages.


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