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My wife and I bought a ranch, by Matthew and Harrison Query, the suspense and horror novel in which the supernatural confronts us with our own means.

The magnificent debut written by four hands that captivated thousands of Internet users on Reddit. The horror novel for fans of Stephen King and Stranger Things.

Translation rights have already been sold in Germany, Korea, France, the United States, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and Russia. And Netflix already has the film rights.

«Action-packed horror. A chilling escape into the woods that will fascinate fans of Stephen King and Paul Tremblay.” Kirkus Review

Dear readers:

It makes us very happy that our novel finally reaches bookstores in Spain.

My Wife and I Bought a Ranch tells the story of a young couple who leaves the city to start a new life on a ranch in a remote region of the United States, and the truth is that it is inspired by the real experience of one of us, Matt, who moved to the countryside in the state of Oregon, whose landscape inspired this story. It originally appeared on the Reddit forum NoSleep. Initially, it was published in serials, readers received it with great enthusiasm and immediately several Hollywood production companies began to be interested in film rights. Thanks to Harrison’s experience as a screenwriter, we ended up closing a million-dollar deal with Netflix, which was added to the contract for the publication of the book at the prestigious Grand Central publishing house. What followed was a creation process that had nothing to do with the traditional way of writing a book, as this usually takes place before an audiovisual adaptation has been completed. Therefore, we found ourselves shaping the novel and thinking about the film script simultaneously. What at first seemed like a potentially problematic challenge ended up becoming the perfect opportunity to take advantage of each narrative medium being able to inspire the other in real time, something that under normal circumstances is almost impossible. Right now, we have a movie developing on Netflix and a book on the shelves, which you must buy immediately, at the risk of your family and yourself being haunted and cursed by an evil spirit.

I hope you enjoy this novel as much as we did writing it. With love,

Matt y Harrison

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