Lucia Cojocaru, author of “The Slave I Loved”: “I like unexpected endings.”

She assures that one should write what one would like to read, what touches one’s soul, that unexpected endings always leave us with a smile on our lips, that love triangles give life to a story and that she would feel satisfied with reaching to one day be a small part of what was Almudena Grandes. That’s right, to sum it up, Lucia Cojocaru, a writer of Romanian origin who is the author of The slave I loveda romance set in the fictional kingdom of Solka whose characters will not leave anyone indifferent.

Have you ever said that, when you decided to publish what you wrote, you thought that someone might like it, that it was a story that you would like to read. Would you say that there is the key to writing with feeling, writing things that you yourself would like to find in a bookstore?

I like to read stories that make me feel. And this is what I want to convey to my readers. Writing to touch people’s feelings is not easy, nor is it impossible. I think the key is to get your readers to experience those emotions and feelings favorably.

What would you say the public will like most about your book?

Most of the time, in romantic novels the protagonists, after overcoming all obstacles, end up together. In my novel it is not like that (spoiler). And although it sounds strange, I think that what readers will like the most, or, rather, what will surprise them the most, is the final outcome.

You say that you are not afraid of criticism, that with time and love you can reach the top, what does it take to achieve success as a writer?

There is no miracle formula that will make you a successful writer overnight. But being consistent and writing without imitating anyone can lead you to success.

You often say that you would like to be a screenwriter in the future. If you had to create the film script for The slave I lovedWhat do you think would be the scene that would pose the most difficulties for you?

I think the war scenes. It’s difficult for me to capture many of the details that happen in a large-scale battle. In the end, they are images that stay on the retina for a long time, and if you don’t know how to develop them, you detract from the quality of the rest of the story.

What type of characters do you like to create the most?

I don’t have a specific prototype. I like to experiment with a diverse gallery of characters.

The slave I loved It has a very striking cover, how important do you think the cover of a book is?

It’s very important. It is the first contact we have with readers, and the first image that contains all the information to make an impact on them. Hence the importance of making a cover in the most professional way possible.

There are authors who defend that, although the end of a story is more or less clear, what is important is the path until reaching it. Do you agree with this statement or do you prefer to write unexpected endings?

I like unexpected endings. Ending your novel at a point of tension will leave your readers wanting more. Convincing them that your novel is going to end in one way and then ending in another will leave them pleasantly surprised, since they expect an ending that does not exist. Unexpected endings always leave us with a smile on our lips, and that’s why I like them so much.

The slave I loved presents us with a love triangle. Is the triangle a good formula for a romantic novel?

In most romance novels, love triangles are one of the main ingredients. A third person in the relationship makes the story more complicated and provides a touch of interest and jealousy that gives life to the story. It is very exciting for the reader to not know what will happen and to be curious about how the trio will be resolved. That’s why I think it’s a necessary formula.

Are you comfortable self-publishing or do you aspire to find space in the catalog of a publisher?

I think all writers aspire to be noticed by a good publisher. But this gets even more complicated when you are a new writer. However, self-publishing is not bad at all. It is a very good option for those of us who are starting out. In addition, self-publishing gives you the freedom to have your work at any time and do with it as you please.

Which writer would you be proud to be compared to?

With Almudena Grandes, without a doubt. To one day reach what Almudena Grandes is as a writer for me is to reach the top.


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