Book review, “I couldn’t be happier”, by Marisol Aznar and María Frisa

It cannot be said that I am going through one of the best moments of my life, plus I had been reading quite hard books for a while; so I needed someone to cheer up my reading moments a little, at least. So it was seeing that cover of the book made by David Angulo, and some images of Marisol Aznar and María Frisa talking about the book, and that alone decided me to read “I couldn’t be happier,” You already know that when it comes to covers I am very subjective and I get carried away. But you also know that I don’t talk to you about many of the books I read, only about those that for some reason have interested me.

To begin with, I will say that it is the end, well this is a song, but I have to admit that I am irresponsible for almost always calling what I should call a “cover” a “cover”, and it must be said because then there is some publisher that, Quite right, it can bring out my colors. So I am little different from the protagonist of the book, María Belázquez, (yes with “B”) with whom I have empathized a lot, of course if you are over forty years old and you are not perfect, not even moderately perfect, the same thing will happen to you. same… Let’s see. That I worked for a while in a Civil Registry and I know what happens when someone has misspelled a name and that haunts you all your life.

I understand that the authors wanted to make a different, creative and fun book about how you can be a superwoman and survive, or not, in the attempt. 304 pages in which it is very difficult to notice those four hands of the authors united in this project. Perhaps I have recognized in some things Maria Frisaprobably because I have read his previous books, maybe even How to Survive Pavlito’s Mother came to mind at some point, but the combination of hands is not noticeable and for me it is very accurate.

I couldn’t be happier It places us at that moment in life when we have not stopped being children and we are already becoming parents of teenagers… I suppose that the fact that the birth rate has dropped so significantly has a lot to do with this. If you think about it, having teenage children when the parents’ own adolescence lasts three times longer than it did a few years ago becomes very difficult; In addition, many other problems appear that we have all experienced from the point of view of any member of an extended family: Parents, brothers, brothers-in-law, children, cousins…

We all think we are unique until you read these types of books, and then, between giggles, you realize that family life doesn’t change much among middle class families… You know, that unforgettable beginning of Anna Karenina, well in She lacks the definition of the middle class, come on, the average class.

The book is written by two women, the protagonist is one woman, or two, or three, or four if we include María’s mother, daughter and sister, and the other… That other woman that many women will recognize as soon as we listen to her. speak in Mary’s head… Namely, The blame, something that is usually intrinsic to women of an age and that makes us question everything we do in life, but especially what we don’t do. I remembered, while reading them, at every Christmas party there was at my daughter’s school that I couldn’t go to because I worked, and then that voice would appear, or when I had to take her to extracurricular activities, or when… I’m not going to talk about husbands since they don’t do it either 😉

They are right, that voice appears in us because that was life, would it happen to me today? I hope not, I hope that we are doing a good job with our daughters and that perhaps that is why I have allowed myself some laughs, I hope that we have silenced the voice of La Culpa.

Well, as you can see, I had a pretty good time with the well-known actress, scriptwriter and writer. Marisol Aznarwell known to all followers of Oregon TVFor those who are not Aragonese, I recommend watching some of the programs, you know those programs from an autonomous community (in this case ARAGON) in which we teach how we know how to laugh at ourselves. And, of course, from the already renowned writer Maria Frisaauthor of children’s and youth literature, but also of crime novels with titles that will sound familiar to you like Cuídate de mí or El nido de la spider, books that I have already reviewed in this house.

Well nothing, I couldn’t be happier having approached this book that I have read in four moments.

And I couldn’t be more happy and grateful to have collaborated with for so many years.

A big hug readers… And let no one stop reading because reading makes us magical.

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