Goodbye, little one: Fernando Lara Novel Award 2022
by Máximo Huerta

(June 15, 2022)

“My mother would have been happier if I had not been born.” Thus begins the heartbreaking testimony of a writer faced with the hardest of his narratives, that of his own life. Assaulted by memories of him while he cares for his sick mother, the past presents itself to him with voids that he cannot fill.

Through silences and a great talent for observation, the author reveals his intimacy and gives us, with beauty and mastery, the portrait of a country and a time from his own family universe. He is accompanied as a confidant by his old pet, a loyal and charming dog.

Discovering why we choose to love those we do not love requires relentless sincerity, and that is what is not lacking in this beautiful farewell story. Goodbye, Little One is the exciting reconstruction of a childhood in which everyone, grandparents, parents and children, have been too silent.

When the past returns loaded with silences.

Maximo Huerta He was born in Utiel, Valencia, in 1971. He is a writer and journalist. He has published the novels With love was enough, Let it be the last time…, The whisper of the conch, A store in Paris, The dreamed night (with which he won the 2014 Spring Novel Prize), Don’t leave me pas), The Hidden Part of the Iceberg and Firmament, many of them translated into several languages. He is the author of the stories The Writer, Elsa and the Sea and Starting from Zero; of the illustrated books My place in the world is you, Paris sera toujours Paris and Viva la Dolce Vita, as well as the collection of journalistic columns collected in Intimidad improvisada. He has worked for years on television and has collaborated in numerous written media.


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