Get the most out of your slow cooker
by Belén Otero

Are you afraid to use the slow cooker? Do you have one and you barely use it? You’re lucky. It took me four years to use it, and now I couldn’t live without it.

In this book, which contains 80 recipes, I explain how to use the slow cooker and how to cook many ingredients, with their cooking times and the pressure we have used. Not only will you have recipes in which we use the pot, but you will have ideas to use ingredients that you have previously cooked in it.

Do you dare to lose your fear and take advantage of it with me?

Soy Belen Otero, author of the recipe blog ‘Cocinar para 2’ ( since April 2010. Through the blog I managed to unite my two passions: cooking and photography. I remember when I started getting interested in cooking. It was in 2002 that I became independent and went to my grandmother’s house to ask her for cooking recipes. My grandmother’s recipes talked about quantities that were difficult to understand at that time: the amount of flour she asked for, a handful, a pinch… When you start cooking, that complicated language ends up becoming easy.

Cooking, like everything, is trial and error and, if you put effort into it, you end up getting the hang of it. But the kitchen has something else, something that engages, and that is that it is grateful. No one is going to tell you that you left the windows very clean, but they will tell you that dinner was delicious. As a person who has studied law and does not cook, I like recipes with minimal complications but that offer great results.

In 2004 they gave me a set of two pressure cookers, but it was not until 2008, thanks to my mother-in-law Pilar, when I started using them. Now they are essential in my kitchen, and I have proposed that they also become a great ally for you. Do you dare to take advantage of your slow cooker?


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