Confession secrets: 50 years of Operation Lobo
by Mikel Lejarza and Fernando Rueda

(November 24, 2022 – Non-Fiction)
The explosive continuation of Yo confesso, Mikel Lejarza’s memoirs, El Lobo.

Secrets of confession are the narratives of Mikel Lejarza’s life from a different point of view, giving voice to people who had remained in the shadows, people with whom he has shared transcendental parts of his life. Bosses, collaborators or family who had never spoken about his relationship with him, people who have spoken from an intimate and personal perspective about facts and feelings different from those expressed by Mikel.

In 2023, it will be fifty years since the start of Operation Lobo, fifty years of the greatest success in the fight against ETA, fifty years since Mikel Lejarza joined the intelligence service. This second installment of El Lobo’s transcendental memoirs also includes new and surprising stories that he had not wanted to reveal and an extensive chapter called “Coffee Talks: Let’s Tell Truths”, in which Mikel will share his feelings, his anecdotes, his mistakes. and successes, the topics he likes least… in a conversation with Fernando from the depths of his heart. The sound of the words of Mikel, the oldest and most prestigious black agent in the history of Spain, will shed light on those questions that no one had dared to ask him.

The book is marked by the legend created by ETA that any of its members always carried a bullet reserved to kill them. A revenge that 50 years later they have not been able to execute.


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