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Fireplace Stories10 stories to talk about dark feelings

Up to 10 stories, some of them interconnected, are what make up the latest work by Pepo Madruga, a writer, director and producer from Madrid who has spent his entire life dedicated and involved in the cultural world.

Fireplace Stories tells stories that could very well be real because they explore feelings that, in many cases, are hidden and repressed in most people.

They talk about revenge, phobias, recurring nightmares and how the daily lives of many people are directly related to these types of feelings.

“The Damned, a story divided into four parts due to its length, reflects the intention of a large part of society to do “justice” for tragic events that we see every day on the news,” explains Pepo Madruga.

With a scripted style in each story and extreme care in the creation of characters, their nuances and evolution, each of the stories confronts the reader with almost cinematic sensations that make it clear how these types of dark feelings are part of one’s personality. , facing a less friendly side of the human being but that, precisely, is part of what makes him that, human.

Both the cover and each of the stories are illustrated by Antonio Pérez, a Spanish artist although based in Buenos Aires who has been able to represent, as on the cover, the anguish that comes with assuming one’s own darkness.

Intrigue, suspense and sensations that every brave reader should integrate at some point to enjoy an unusual book that places Madruga among the most daring authors of Spanish literature of the moment in the field of short stories, even comparing it with the narrative of a dark Poe.

Published in November of this year, its 210 pages are giving a lot of talk.

The work can be purchased on the author’s website and on Amazon.

Source: https://algunoslibrosbuenos.com/historias-de-chimenea

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