Stormy days
by Brenna Watson

By the author of The Rose of Hereford.

When your family and your past are taken from you, your only option is revenge.

London, 1839. London high society wonders who is this strange American who has settled in one of the best mansions in Mayfair and who has burst into the most exclusive events of the season on the arm of an old count retired from public life. .

Soon, the lives of many will begin to be affected by the presence of that enigmatic woman. Among them, that of Alexander Lockhart, third son of the Earl of Woodbury, whose existence will take an unexpected turn from the moment their eyes meet.

What no one knows is that Temperance Whitaker has not come to strut through the halls of London or to hunt for a noble title. No one suspects that, beneath her sophisticated and mysterious facade, she hides a secret, and that she has only traveled to England with one purpose: to take revenge on those who destroyed the lives of her family and her own.

The waters of the Thames flow calmly…, but the storm is about to break loose.

Brenna Watsonwith a degree in History and studies in Philology and Law, has spent the last fifteen years reading and correcting novels by other authors, until she decided to sit down in front of the computer and write her own story.

He has published short essays on various subjects, as well as reviews and interviews, in various media. She is a big fan of reading and American television series, and she loves to buy shoes. She lives on a ranch in the mountains with her husband, her two dogs, and her three cats.


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