Review of the book “Barefoot Heart”, by ChicaContradicción

barefoot heart

Well, well, readers, today I bring you a review of what is sure to be a success for the publisher Books and Literature. And it is that barefoot heart, this original story by ChicaContradicción has already reached more than 700,000 readings on Wattpad and now, finally, you can enjoy it on paper with a beautiful edition that you will love. By the way, have you seen the exclusive pre-sale content? I leave you the link here because you are going to be amazed.

How far would you go for your family?

Under this premise the plot of this addictive novel is developed, but surely you want to know more, right? Let me introduce you to its protagonists.

Mirella is a young nurse who lives with Mario, her partner. The most important people in her life are her grandmother, her father, and her little brother, but things are not going too well at home. Her mother abandoned them a long time ago and Mirella feels a weight on her shoulders that does not belong to her, but that she does not know how to alleviate. Also, things with Mario aren’t too good either. Therefore, when she starts working at the Vista Alegre Hospital she feels that everything is finally starting to go better. It will be there where, with the help of Vicky, she receives a curious offer to work in her free time as a nurse. Mirella does not think twice, because she knows that she needs to help her father with the debts and accepts her job.

However, young Mirella has no idea that she has just accepted a job that is much more dangerous than she thought and that will change her world completely: she will go to work for Sergio, the leader of one of the most powerful mafias in the country.

From the first moment they meet their gaze, there will be a clash between the two, a spark that promises to set everything on fire. Sergio is a stubborn young man who doesn’t like anyone to question him and with a rule that he has sworn never to break again. Mirella, for her part, despite hiding behind a shell of fragility, enjoys breaking her rules and contradicting Sergio.

Soon, Mirella will find herself embroiled in a mafia gang war as her world falls apart. Everything that she took for granted ends up falling before her eyes and the past returns to put an uncertain future on the ropes.

Will Mirella fight to keep her family safe? Will Sergio manage to break the rules and let himself go? Will the spark in his eyes end up unleashing that fire? That, dear readers, is something she left you to discover. I can’t tell you more because, really, as soon as you open the first page of barefoot heart You will not be able to stop reading this story that captivates, that excites, that keeps you in tension from the first moment and that, chapter by chapter, will make you connect more and more with its characters and its plot.

So, readers, here you have many reasons to know the story of Mirella and Sergio, to immerse yourself in that unique world that ChicaContradicción recreates in the pages of Barefoot Heartto fall in love and forget about the world while the reading lasts.

I am sure that this story will find many readers willing to be carried away by ChicaContradiction into the universe of Mirella and Sergio. And you, are you going to miss it?

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