Anthology of the heart
by Mibelis Ramos

Poetry. That seductive play on words that draws truths with rhyme. Yes. She draws these truths with a unique harmony that makes them pleasantly digestible… even if they hurt.

Here is a collection of verses written in the purest lyrical poetry. Poems with meter and rich in rhythm that, with great simplicity, offer musicality, charm and impeccable aesthetics. In them the author pours out a world of everyday emotions that she elevates to the sublime in a play on eloquent words.

Each verse is loaded with different feelings. Gratitude, doubts, sadness, fears, desires, uncertainty… All of them are expressed with passion for life in all its facets, a passion that will hardly leave you indifferent.

This illustrated collection of poems is presented in two parts. The first offers reflections and idealisms typical of youth; the second describes the encounter with love. It is a vivid and deeply felt description that succeeds in conveying the intensity of this feeling that turns our lives upside down and turns our world upside down.

Friendship, love, heartbreak, idealism and imperfections, struggles of feelings with which you identify irremediably, are what you find in these verses. You easily immerse yourself in them because they are presented as mirrors that reflect your own feelings.
Come and immerse yourself in this rich sea of ​​words that will stimulate your senses and make you want more.


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