An orchid for Madrid
by Lola de Castro

You have in your hands a unique, personal, emotional, encouraging work, full of feelings, of struggle, of living the life we ​​want to live. Lola immerses us in her personal universe, in this wonderful and emotionally written work; because it is narrated from the heart, from the depths of her being. Where we are all a little bit Lola, because what she lives, we make ours; We feel identified with this woman who wants to make her dreams come true.

And he gets it. This book is a small treasure, to have on hand and reread from time to time. Because, apart from their struggle, there is life that flows. With his children, his dark hair, the illness, the florist… and a special section dedicated to the teacher Joaquín Sabina, who is also a big part of it! of this story. Come and read, read An Orchid for Madrid, from my dear friend Lola. With people like her, the world is a much better place to live.


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