The author:

Mario Montoro, basically, is a restless soul. A little ass with a bad seat, who when he is not—in the first cloud that passes—dreaming of impossible trips; he is – in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth… – imagining different books.

In a way, let’s say, accidentally or experimentally, in 2012 he published a book – with the family savings for the summer -: STUMBLING THROUGH AFRICA!!!

A work that turns the boring and flat literary travel panorama upside down and, for reasons still unknown, becomes the old guide for the experienced traveler. Calling the attention of Midac Llibres SL

This literary invention, far from ending in catastrophe, bankruptcy, or auto-da-fe, opens the doors to its author to a world full of possibilities and readers eager to read a different adventure. An adventure without coloring or preservatives.

The author, thanks to this project, embarks, without realizing it, on a tour that takes him to cities and towns of the Iberian Peninsula, where he will tell, again and again, without giving up, his traveling and literary adventures and misadventures. Like a gentleman in search of a crazy dream.

With the wind in your favor and with good reviews, you will enjoy people who will open their wallets, the shelves of their homes, and their hearts to you.

His long-suffering family in Granada will be delighted to attend this dizzying ascent to the heavens. Reminding him, every little and with affection, when they see him flying too high that… if the BIG PEOPLE of literature fall, the BOYS crash. However, Mario Montoro is not afraid of failure, and if he is, he masks it behind a broad smile of a winner.

The meager fame, what comes and goes. And the author, so sad, so happy, and just as poor, falls into the bottomless pit of immediate oblivion, where he recovers the time and desire to write again.

During this journey through the desert of letters, the years are falling, and with them multiple trips and new adventures: Morocco, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Europe, the USA, Iceland… that will not be enough for an “unauthorized” biography of the subject of this essay, for now, but it will be the seed of her second book, Aitana and Willy: adventure in Africa.


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