Review of the book “A Scarlet Veil”, by Shelby Mahurin

A scarlet veil

A few years ago the trilogy witch killer it was all a boom in the literary scene, and the truth is that I came to love its protagonists: Lou LeBlanc and Reid Diggory.

That’s why, when I found out that the author was releasing a new book, this time a spin-off of the main saga, set in the same world and taking place some time after what happened in the third volume of the main trilogy, I couldn’t resist.

On this occasion, the protagonist supernatural creatures are not witches, but others much darker, morbid, sexual and bloody: vampires. Who doesn’t fear and love them at the same time? I raise my hand, because since I was little I have adored these creatures of the night. I have grown up reading The little Vampire. I have longed for Edward Cullen and there is no vampire I respect more than Dracula.

A scarlet veil is the title of this spin-off, first part of what will be a biology. And I couldn’t be more happy and satisfied after reading it. I really dare to say that this volume far surpasses the second and third volumes of the main saga. Yes, you already know that Witch Killer: The White Witch was my best read of 2020 and is one of my favorite books, but it is true that although Witch Killer: The King’s Children was very good, it did not live up to the first —and let’s not even talk about Witch Killer: Gods and Monsters, which for me was quite disappointing and as the end of the trilogy did not leave a very good taste in my mouth—.

However, I think that Shelby Mahurin has now given all of us readers of the saga something that we did not expect, but that has been perfect for us to reconcile with her and her world: Célie’s story after the worst. But… what Célie doesn’t know is that the worst is yet to come…

Of course, important, let’s be clear first of all. Is this new bilogy recommended for those who have not read the main trilogy? Yes and no. There is spoilers of what happens in witch killer in A scarlet veil? If many. Will you be able to follow the story without having read the other books? In principle, yes. Let me explain, what we find here is a new story in the same universe of witch killer but with protagonists (Célie and Jean Luc) who were secondary in the main trilogy. Now everything that happened is over, Célie has become hunterhe has nightmares about his past and what happened to his sister Filippa at the hands of Morgane LeBlanc, and to make matters worse, he encounters new creatures: vampires.

From my point of view, this is a story for readers of witch killer and if you have read these books you are going to enjoy it much more A scarlet veilbecause you are going to be able to get to know Célie in depth – a character that I neither liked nor liked, but with whom thanks to this new book I have been able to empathize -, you are going to be able to meet again with Lou, Reid, Beau, Coco and some more, You are going to fall in love with the new and vampiric characters and you will also meet a talking cat.

Even so, if you have not read the other trilogy and you want to read this novel, you can do so, because the author has beautiful prose, she pays attention to detail, she does not miss a single thing and she will ensure that you are inside this universe in a second. without feeling lost. However, there is a lot of information regarding characters and events in the main trilogy that you are not going to understand, and that will mean that you will not enjoy it in the same way as a reader who has already read those books.

What more can I say? I have loved delving deeper into Célie and getting into her skin, a young woman whom I have come to admire for her courage and her change. Furthermore, the fact that the chapters are short and full of intensity gives a lot of emotion and intrigue to the plot, which happens in small doses during these more than six hundred and fifty pages that do not become heavy at all. On the contrary, they are drunk alone.

Little more, I do not want nor should I go into details, because I advise going almost blind whether you have read witch killer as if not, but if you love clichés like enemies to lovers y Only one bed (in this case Only one coffin), vampires, bloodlust, seductive villains, masked balls and much more. spicy, so A scarlet veil is waiting for them.

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