Original language: Turco

Original title: ¿?

Year of publication: 2021

Translation: ¿?

Valuation: Okay (recommended for children)

The painter of the sky It is an illustrated album aimed at children. It has been written and drawn, respectively, by the Turks Göktuğ Canbaba and Ceyhun Şen.

It’s about the Painter of the Sky, whose job is to paint the nights in beautiful shades of navy blue. As he always works in the dark, he feels alone and believes that no one sees him, so he decides to do something about it.

I should point out that the threads of the argument The painter of the sky They are somewhat weak. For example, the story introduces characters who later have little relevance (I think of Nuberu and Doña Estrella); Likewise, the protagonist’s arc seems forced to me. Despite this, the story told is still charming, especially for the little ones. And it is moderately imaginative and endearingly colorful; It also contains a valuable lesson.

The illustrations that complement the story, full page and even double page, are delicious, except for a couple of them less inspired than the rest. Classic in its finish, composition and chromaticism, it is elevated by a certain audacity in its finish; Above all, I value the myriad of textures that they give to the viewer who contemplates them.

Source: https://unlibroaldia.blogspot.com/2024/05/vvaa-el-pintor-del-cielo.html

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