“There is little killing in Madrid,” his mentor in the police told young sub-inspector Ángel Zárate; “But when he kills himself, he has nothing to envy of any city in the world,” the inspector could add. Elena Blanco, head of the Case Analysis Brigade, a department created to solve the most complicated and heinous crimes. Susana Macaya, whose father was a gypsy but raised as a paya, disappears after her bachelorette party. Her body is found two days later in the Quinta de Vista Alegre in the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel. It could be just another murder, if it were not for the fact that the victim has been tortured following an unusual and atrocious ritual, and that her sister Lara suffered the same fate seven years ago, also on the eve of her wedding.


«The gypsy bride», is the first novel by Carmen Molawhich is actually a pseudonym of three writers, who took on the task of creating a crime novel that easily engages, with light prose that creates the necessary atmosphere to show a gruesome, but above all perverse, crime.

This time the heroine is Elena Blancoa typical detective from the most classic crime novel, a woman with her demons that torment her and who uses her work to chase real monsters and thus evade her always sharp thoughts.

Elena has an entire team at her disposal to take care of the most dangerous criminals, but above all those who are capable of carrying out the worst acts against the integrity of another human being.

This time a murder has occurred of a woman, a gypsy, who was about to get married, but the reason why Elena finds herself involved in the case is because of the way in which the woman was murdered, in addition to having died as His sister did it years ago in the same way just before she got married.

The suspense managed by Carmen Mola It is intelligent, especially to keep the reader eager for another chapter and discover who the murderer is, since the perpetrator of the first crime is imprisoned, so he could not commit an act of the same nature.

Thus, the novel runs at a very good pace without becoming boring, leaving a good taste in the mouth, and letting us get to know a detective who, despite her demons, is capable of going after one of the worst murderers ever seen in history. Madrid.

But the end of the novel is not the true ending, although it is true that the case is concluded, it is no less true that «The gypsy bride» is the beginning of a saga where detective Elena will have to solve one of her most difficult cases, but which she hides from herself.



Carmen Mola was born in Madrid in the second decade of the year two thousand. She was the name chosen by Antonio Santos Mercero, Jorge Díaz and Agustín Martínez to sign a crime novel saga written by six hands.

Antonio Santos Mercero is a journalist and screenwriter. He is the author of “Inside Paradise” and co-creator of “Hospital Central”, “Lobos” and “MIR”.

Jorge Díaz is a journalist and screenwriter. He has been linked to projects such as “Central Hospital”, “Blind to Appointments” and “Acacias”. He is also the author of the novels The Elephant Numbers and Letters to the Palace.

Agustín Martínez is a publicist and screenwriter. He has collaborated in programs such as “Without tits there is no paradise”, “La chica de Yesterday” and “Víctor Ros”. He is also the author of the novel Monteperdido.

Carmen Mola is, in short, a literary project created by these three writers in 2018 whose works have been published to date in Alfaguara. Although that is changing, given that his new novel La Bestia, upon being awarded the 2021 Planeta Prize, will be published by the publishing house that awards it.

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